E - litter

The E-litter is actually only a single baby. But for this it's particularly pretty :-)
On 13 June 2016 our sweet girl "Arch'Coon'Gel La Habanera", called "Lisa", gave birth to a beautiful little boy. Proud daddy is our gorgeous boy "Ryusei's Hiro by Umoja", called "Hiro". His first son was born just one day after Hiro's first birthday!
Mommy Lisa is a super caring mother and leaves her little gem barely out of sight ♥

Arch'Coon'Gel La Habanera
Unsere Katze Arch'Coon'Gel La Habanera
Ryusei's Hiro by Umoja
Unser Kater Ryusei's Hiro by Umoja


Color: blue-(silver-)classic-tabby-white
Gender: female
Status: sold