S - litter

The "S-litter" is actually an "S-Baby", because Lilly only had one child this time. A super sweet and strong red boy!!
Lilly lives with our dear friends Martina and Norbert in Düsseldorf, where Sam was born and will grow up. The father is "Kithara's Loki", a son of Levana and Varikoro, who also lives with our friends in Düsseldorf.
As always, Lilly is a great mom again who touchingly cares for her little boy ♥ ♥ ♥

Kithara's Xonoma
Unsere Katze Kithara's Xonoma
Kithara's Loki
Unser Kater Kithara's Loki


Color: red-silver-mackerel-tabby
Gender: female
Status: sold